1. A student is admitted to Al-Maktoum College of Engineering and Technology on the understanding that in accepting the admission she/he commits her/himself to adhere to the Statutes, regulations, rules and by-laws.

    The College expects student behavior, both on and off campus, to be moral, ethical, and legal. The College reserves the right to withdraw admission for conduct that is contrary to the objectives of the college.

  2. Candidates seeking admission to join the Ordinary Diploma (NTA Level 4-6) programs offered by the College can be through the Direct Entry Scheme whereas:

    In order to qualify for admission under the Direct scheme, a candidate must be a holder of a Certificate of Secondary Education (CSEE) with a minimum pass of ā€œDā€ grade in four of the following subjects; Physics/Engineering Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, English and Geography/Biology. A pass in Mathematics is compulsory.

    For admission into engineering courses a candidate must have studied Physics/ Engineering Science. Also, a candidate holding a Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE) and an NVTA Level III from a VETA recognized institutions may be admitted directly.

Principal Statement

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I have great pleasure to Welcome both
our new and continuing students to
Al-Maktoum College of Engineering and
Technology (AMCET) for the academic
year 2016/17. While I Congratulate you and
appreciate your choice to study at
AMCET, I assure you that you have made a
right choice at an appropriate time to join
AMCET. As you begin your academic journey with us... read more

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