AMCET Programmes

Currently the College offers programmes from three departments, Electrical Engineering, Electronic and Telecommunication, and Computer Studies Departments. Programmes offered lead to the awards of Basic Technician Certificate (NTA 4), and Ordinary Diploma (NTA 6). All of which are designed to stretch the students intellectually, to provide depth understanding of a variety of Engineering Technology applications and systems and to put them firmly on track to a successful career.

Every Programme has a curriculum comprising of both theory and practical courses with well-defined syllabus. The courses cover:

  1. Languages;
  2. Management subjects;
  3. Basic Science subjects; and
  4. Basic Engineering subjects.

There are a certain number of core modules. The blend of different modules is designed so that the student, at the end of the programme, would have been trained not only in his / her relevant professional field but also would have developed as a socially conscious human being. The medium of instruction, examinations and project report shall be in English, except for courses on language other than English.

A student is ordinarily expected to complete the Basic Technician Certificate Programme (NTA 4) in 2 semesters (one academic year) but in any case not more than 4 Semesters; and Ordinary Diploma (NTA 6) in 4 semesters (two academic years) but in any case not more than 6 semesters. Each semester consist of 15 learning weeks and 2 weeks for examinations (540 periods of 50 minutes each).